Why do I need a licence?

This licence enables you to sell TV programmes containing commercially-released music tracks or music videos – saving you the time and effort involved in removing or replacing recorded music or music videos from programmes as originally broadcast in the UK.

How much does the licence cost?

We charge an annual advance, which is recoupable against the royalties generated by the sale of the programme.

The royalty calculation is as follows:

(X / Y) x A x B

X is the total seconds of PPL or VPL repertoire included in the programme

Y is the programme duration (in seconds)

A is the programme’s gross sales price

B is the relevant royalty rate (see below)




North America



Rest of the World



*We are unable to license the sale of programmes containing VPL repertoire into North America.

More about TV Broadcast licensing

Contact us

To apply for a TV programme sales licence please get in touch with us by email at tvbroadcasting@ppluk.com or by phone on 020 7534 1422.