About PPL

Founded in 1934, PPL is the UK music industry’s collective management organisation (CMO) for over 100,000 performers and record companies. We license recorded music in the UK when it is played in public (shops, bars, nightclubs, offices etc.) or broadcast (BBC, commercial radio, commercial TV etc.) and ensure that revenue flows back to our members. These include both independent and major record companies, together with performers ranging from emerging grassroots artists through to established session musicians and influential festival headliners.

We also collect performance rights internationally for the playing in public and broadcast of recorded music on TV, radio and some online streaming services, as well as for private copying. This is achieved through our network of agreements with 92 agreements with CMOs around the world. International revenues are increasingly an important revenue for performers and recording rightsholders – since 2006 we have collected £429 million.

In 2018 we collected £246.8 million while also distributing money to 105,192 performers and recording rightsholders.

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