ppl pays out £26.3 million of international revenue in q1 distribution

PPL collects neighbouring rights royalties overseas where recorded music is used and rights exist for radio or TV broadcasting, cable retransmission, public performance, private copying or dubbing. This quarter’s total is made up of international revenues collected from 41 collective management organisations (CMOs) around the world, with significant payments from CMOs in Germany, the US, France and Spain.

PPL helps tens of thousands of performers and recording rightsholders maximise international neighbouring rights royalty income for their work. It has 105 agreements in place with CMOs across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America, ensuring its mandated members’ rights are represented in many of the world’s biggest music markets. The company has also invested heavily in pioneering technology that further improves data accuracy and processing, helping revenues reach performers and recording rightsholders more efficiently.

Peter Leathem, PPL Chief Executive Officer said:

“PPL is the world’s leading collector of international neighbouring rights. Our international reach, expert team, comprehensive data and pioneering technology allow us to collect more money than any other administrator or organisation, making us the smart choice for performers and recording rightsholders anywhere in the world. Today’s distribution testifies to this, with tens of millions of pounds collected from more than 40 CMOs paid to those who have created and invested in recorded music.”