How does PPL work internationally?

International neighbouring rights collections

PPL is a market leader in collecting performance royalties internationally. These are also known as neighbouring rights royalties. We have over 100 agreements in place around the world and receive over a third of all performer neighbouring rights payments moving between CMOs globally.

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Business services

At PPL, we have built sophisticated technology, in-depth neighbouring rights knowledge, and extensive data expertise to manage our own operations. We are happy to share this experience and best practice with others around the world.

This is the basis of what we call our business services offering. Using our data and IT systems, we can provide back-office support to other CMOs, such as processing their music usage data to identify producer and performer rightsholder information, or calculating and reporting their royalty distributions (based on their own local rules) to enable them to identify producers and performers to pay.

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Member rights representation and data advocacy

PPL sits on the board of the Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights (SCAPR) and the Digital Data Exchange (DDEX). PPL is also the UK’s national International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) Agency. PPL works with The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, IFPI, to create a best practice approach to sound recording rights management.
View their Code of Conduct and Distribution Guidelines here.

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Have you had international airplay? You could be owed royalties from those tracks.

As well as ensuring payments are made to performers and recording rightsholders within each country that has the relevant rights, CMOs also assist performers and recording rightsholders to get paid when recordings of their performances are played around the world.

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