maximise your royalty earning potential

PPL works on behalf of both performers and recording rightsholders to collect and distribute royalties for the use of recorded music on radio, TV, online and in public in the UK. Royalties for the use of recorded music can also be collected for the use of your music overseas if you have mandated PPL to collect for you internationally.

We receive reporting information on recorded music played by radio and TV broadcasters, music suppliers and some UK businesses, which is analysed by our music reporting team. Matching this information with our repertoire database, which contains data for over 14 million recordings, we seek to ensure that performers and recording rightsholders are being paid accurately for the use of their music.

We then calculate an allocated amount of money for each recording depending on how often it has been played in public or broadcast. The amount paid is affected by a range of factors such as the amount of seconds of airplay the recording has received and the size of the audience listening to that airplay.

We have put together some tips for you to help ensure your royalty payments are maximised.

Check your account details

First, make sure your PPL account is up to date. Check your email address, contact details and bank details are correct.

See how to update your myPPL account details

Manage your repertoire

If you are a recording rightsholder, it is your responsibility to submit a full performer line-up with each new recording. Only recording rightsholder members may register new recordings into the PPL database; performers can claim on existing recordings. If you are a performer member and wish to add yourself to an existing recording listed on the PPL Repertoire Database, you must make a claim. More information on how to make a claim can be found on our website.

If we have a complete and accurate line-up for a recording, we will be able to distribute royalties more efficiently. Our how-to videos to assist you in registering your repertoire correctly.

View the how-to videos

Maximise your collection potential

Finally, consider appointing PPL to collect royalties for you internationally. All you need to do is sign up to the appropriate international mandate authorising us to represent you worldwide (or in the countries you specify). We then do the heavy lifting, making the collection of your international royalties simple and straightforward. There are no out-of-pocket costs for signing up for our international collection service.

Your PPL account will need to be up to date in order for you to receive these services as there can be extra forms to fill out for collections in certain countries. In the US, for example, completing the correct US tax form may mean that royalties collected by PPL from the US need not be subject to the full US withholding tax of 30 percent of your collections from the US.

Recording rightsholders can also sign up for additional licensing services through PPL, including internet radio and TV catch-up services for programmes containing recorded music, as well as related areas such as the use of recorded music in TV programme DVDs. This service can be opted into for the UK, and internationally.

Learn more about international collections

If you need assistance with your PPL account please contact our Member Services team by raising a query on your myPPL account, or by phone on 020 7534 1234 between the hours of 9-6pm Monday to Friday.