Repertoire Data Policy

The aim of this document is to set out PPL’s Repertoire Data Policy and also to provide an accessible guide to understanding and using the policy. The document contains a full list of all the repertoire information that can be supplied to PPL, including a definition for each data attribute, an example and an indication of whether that attribute is a mandatory requirement for a UK distribution. VPL requirements are also covered by the PPL Repertoire Data Policy. The document aims to make clear the data that PPL expects to be provided by rightsholder members.

View the PPL Repertoire Data Policy
View the PPL Repertoire Style Guide

Distribution Rules

PPL’s UK distributions operate according to a set of UK Distribution Rules approved by the PPL Board (and, where relating to the distribution of performer income, the Performer Board). VPL’s UK distributions operate according to the VPL Distribution Rules approved by the VPL Board. The PPL Board has also approved a separate set of International Distribution Rules which apply to the distribution of revenue received from PPL’s International Royalties Collection Service. The operation of these different rules is summarised in the Guide to the Distribution Rules.