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34,000 performers and recording rightsholders received £17.6m in international royalties from PPL in Q4 2019, meaning that a total of over £59 million of international royalties have been received by performers and recording rightsholders this year.

The number of agreements which allow PPL to collect royalties from around the world continues to grow. In 2019 new agreements were signed with Amanat (Kazakhstan), STAP (Netherlands), IPF (Slovenia) and ULCRR (Ukraine) meaning that PPL now has over 95 agreements globally.

These new agreements demonstrate our continued drive and commitment to ensuring that those we represent are paid when their recorded music is licensed and used around the world.

Earlier this year we achieved a record Quarter 1 (Q1) international distribution of £16.1m. This was our highest ever Q1 distribution and included revenue from a broad range of CMOs, including Canada, Greece, Japan, Korea, Latvia and the USA.

In our June (Q2) distribution £14.2m of international collections were allocated to over 48,000 performers and recording rightsholders. This money came from over 50 CMOs. Our Quarter 3 (Q3) international revenue distribution consisted of £11.7m collected from 54 CMOs, with nearly 25,000 performers and recording rightsholders receiving a payment. The Q3 payment included first time revenue from Korea for recording rightsholders and a first time payment from Panama for performers.

Since PPL’s first international performer collection in 2006, our international royalties collection service has distributed hundreds of millions of pounds to performers and recording rightsholders.

Significant time has been invested to enable the company to collect and distribute such significant sums of money. We have gained extensive knowledge of the international royalty collections landscape and we have developed open and robust working relationships with CMOs on every continent where sound recording royalties exist.

Our specialist market knowledge has also allowed us to collaborate with CMOs around the world to improve the efficiency of music usage data collection and sharing around the globe. New initiatives have resulted in more accurate data being supplied to PPL and our continued work to improve data exchange with other CMOs has also resulted in faster processing of music usage and subsequent payments.

The international agreements with have around the world mean that we cover around 95 percent of the value of both performer and recording rightsholder neighbouring rights markets. In 2020, we will continue to work towards increasing the number of markets we collect from as well as driving improvements in the quality and efficiency of our operational work with those CMOs with whom we already exchange monies.

For you to receive international payments through PPL, make sure you have given us your international collection mandate. For information on how to do this and more about our international collections, you can view our website.